Pole to Pole

Nutopia/Nat Geo/Disney

Storyville: Revenge - Our Dad the Nazi Killer

Feature doc

Danny Ben-Moshe/Identity Films/BBC/ABC/DR/NRK/Screen Australia

Digital Forensics (wt)
currently embargoed

Laura Martin-Robinson/Elliot Swinburn/Lucie Rideout/BBC Studios/C4

The Accused USA

Nick Norman-Butler/Susanne Curran/Brinkworth/A&E

The Woodman
experimental drama feature

Koutaiba Al-Janabi/Real Art Pictures/Cinema & Festivals

Funding: Doha Film Institute & Cairo Connection Post-production prize,
Tokyo Film Awards Best Asian film, Seville Indie Film Festival bronze award, Saudi Film festival Golden Palm

Taking Control: The Dominic Cummings Story

Simon Lloyd/BBC Studios/BBC2

48hrs in Police Custody

Annie Tetchner/Emma Tutty/The Garden/C4/Discovery ID

Iran Iraq War

Callum Walker/Graham Cooper/Jonathan Hacker/OR Media/PBS

F1: Drive to Survive

Box to Box/Netflix

Animals Decoded

Phil Coles/Blink/Blue Ant/Smithsonian

Bride & Prejudice


The Disappearance of Madeline McCann


Surgeons: At the Edge of Life

Jackie Waldock/Dragonfly/BBC2

Seven Year Switch

Stephen Franklin/7Wonder/C4

Killing the Law

Feature doc

Anton Califano/Movement in Media

Meet the Humans

Rig doc

Simone Harvey/Denise Seneviratn /BBC Earth

The Secrets of Sleep

Jez Lee/7Wonder/C4

The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

Rig based obs doc

Alice Wheater/Jackie Waldock/Teressa Watkins/RDF/C4

First Cut 'Mary Hare: Life and Deaf'

Camilla Arnold/Helen Littleboy/Flashinglights Media/C4

Irene's Ghost

feature doc

Iain Cunningham/Rebecca Mark Lawson/Forward Slash Films/BBC/BFI

The Catch

Rig based obs doc

Nick Hornby/Blast!/C4

The Night Bus

Rig based obs doc

Jackie Waldock/Blast!/C4

Meet the Romanians

Jamie Seal/James Bluemel/Keo Films/C4

24 Hours in Custody 'Confession of a Paedophile'

Peter Beard/The Garden/C4

Respect! Felix Dexter Tribute

Mary Crisp/BBC Comedy/BBC2

The Big Allotment Challenge

Silver River/BBC2

24 Hours in A&E

2 x 50 Rig based obs doc

Mark Bates/Jackie Waldock/The Garden/C4

The Dogooders

75min feature doc

Chloe Ruthven/Roast Beef/Film Clinic

Official Selection: London Film Festival

High School Moms

2 x 50 min observational

Jackie Waldock/Alex Sunderland/Rize USA/TLC

Fire in the Blood

80 mins. feature doc. Co-Editor

Dylan Mohan Grey/Sparkwater/Dartmouth

Sundance 2013, Sheffield Doc/Fest & international festivals, cinema, TV & DVD distribution

Village at the end of the World

75 mins feature doc

Sarah Gavron/Met Film/Film4/Dogwoof

London Film Festival & cinema, DVD international distribution

Road to Freedom Peak

75 min feature doc

Max Pugh/Dartmouth Films

The Best of British ‘The Widcard’

60 min obs. doc

Chris Williams/Two Four/C4

A Brief History of 3D

60 min doc made and edited in 3D

Darren Bender/Widescreen/Bigger Pictures/Sky 3D

ILL Manors

drama feature

Ben Drew (aka Plan B) Aimimage/Film London

True Stories ‘After the Apocalypse’

65 min. feature doc.

Antony Butts/Tigerlily/More4

Official selection: SIDF10, HotDocs
Nominated: One World Media Awards
UK cinema release

Unreported World ‘Iraq’s Next Battle’

30 min. doc

Matt Haan/Quicksilver/C4

Mass e Bhat

75 min. feature doc.

Hannan Majid & Richard York/Rainbow Collective/Media Trust/Britdoc

Cutting Edge “8 Boys and Wanting a Girl”

50 min. doc

Viv Howard/Love Productions/C4

Storyville “When China Met Africa”

75 min. feature doc.

Nick & Marc Francis/Speak-it/Zeta/BBC/ARTE

Official Selection: SIDF10, IDFA
Best Film - Margret Mead Festival NY

Childrens Rescue

30 min. obs doc.

Jackie Waldock/Sepember Films/BBC1

Unreported World “Turkey: Killing for Honour”

30 min. doc

Matt Haan/Quicksilver/C4

The Trial

75 min. feature documentary

John Murphy & Rob O'Reily/Headland Pictures/Little Bird/Irish Film Board

Official selection: Galway Film Fleadh, Movies that Matter, Dokufest, A Film for Peace

The Ascent of Money  “Risky Business”

50 min. documentary

Adrian Pennink/Chimerica Media/C4

The Last Thakur

80 mins. drama feature

Sadik Ahmed/Artificial Eye/More 4

Official selection: London Film Festival, Solturn, Granada, Dubai, Munich. UK cinema release, UK tx More4

Panoroama “Basra: The Legacy”

30 mins. doc.

Chris Woods/BBC1

Hidden Lives “Female Hoarders”

50 min. doc

Jaine Green/Cicada/C5

Storyville “The Undertaking”

70 min. doc.

Cathal Black/Little Bird/BBC4/RTE/Irish Film Board

Winner Silver Award – New York Festivals, Best Documentary – Irish Film Awards nomination
Official selection: Teluride, SxSW, Stranger than Fiction

Paris “City of Dreams”

60 min. doc.

Tim Dunn/BBC BBC2

Jackanory ‘The Magician of Samarkand’

3 x 15 mins drama

Nick Willing/BBC

BAFTA nominated, winner Banff International TV Festival, winner Bulldog Award

Jackanory ‘Muddle Earth’

3 x 15 mins drama

Nick Willing/BBC1

Paul McCartney’s Ecce Cor Meum

90 mins. music doc

Jason Shepherd/Widescreen

True Stories: Black Gold

78 mins. feature documentary

Marc & Nick  Francis/Speak-it/Fulcrum

Sundance/Britdoc/UK Film Council funded.
UK, USA, Germany & Canada cinema release & DVD, worldwide tx.
Official Selection: Sundance, Hot Docs, London, Rome, Seattle, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, IDFA, ResFest& many others
BIFA Best Achievement in Production

Panorama ‘Bringing Our Boys Home’

50 min. doc

Chris Woods/BBC1

The Dark Side of Porn ‘Ted Bundy’

Sasha Cohen/World Of Wonder/C4

Alternative Medicine: The Evidence ‘The Power of Healers’

50 min. doc.

Nikki Stockley/Martin Wilson/BBC2

Lost Expedition

89 mins. feature doc.

Peter Bate/Crossing the Line/Arte/C5/History Channel/IFB

UK tx. “Revealed… Franklin’s Lost Expedition” C5

White Smoke

60 min. observational doc.

Sarah MacDonald/BBC2/PBS/ABC

Seconds to Disaster ‘Avalanche!’

50 min. doc

Harriet Smith/Darlow Smithson/Nat Geo

Panorama ‘Exit Strategy’

50 min. Iraq elections with John Simpson

Chris Woods/BBC1

30 Minutes “Handbags & Other Foreign Policy”

Sarah Manwaring-White/Mentorn/C4

Panorama ‘The Chosen One’

Chris Woods/BBC1

Naked Science ‘Stonehenge’

Harriet Smith/Pioneer/Nat Geo.

Panorama ‘Saddam on the Run’

Chris Woods/BBC1

Nominee: Monte Carlo TV festival

World War 3: Al Qaeda ‘The Hidden Enemy’

60 min. doc.

Martin Wilson/BBC2/Arte

Nominee: Europa Award

Storyville ‘Congo:White King, Red Rubber, Black Death’

109 mins. feature doc.

Peter Bate/Periscope/BBC/Arte

Nominee: Europa Award.
US & Belgian cinema release

Al Jazeera: Exclusive!

60 min. observational doc.

Ben Anthony/BBC2/PBS

Winner: Cine Golden Eagle Award

Correspondent ‘Evan’s Euro Adventure’

45 min. doc.

Sarah Manwaring-White/BBC2

Correspondent ‘Suing the Pope:Update’

Sarah MacDonald/BBC2

Correspondent ‘Inside Russia’s Poison City’

Eva Ewart/BBC2

Correspondent ‘Maori Justice’ 

Sarah MacDonald/BBC2

The Hunt for the Anthrax Killer 

Martin Wilson/BBC2/TLC

Trend Trackers

observational doc.

Jackie Waldock/BBC2

Modem Monks 

observational doc

Jackie Waldock/BBC2

Secrets of the Dead ‘First Human?’ 

Ben Bowie/JWM Productions/C4

Sex BC  ‘Pre-history’

 Peter Bate/Optomen/C4/TLC

In Pursuit of Pleasure ’At Home’

Jackie Waldock/BBC2

Conquistadors ‘Cortes’

dramatised history doc.

Atlantic Prods/TLC

Castaway 2000 ‘Castaway Kids’

Mark Donovan/Lion TV/BBC1

Secrets of the Dead ‘What Sank The Mary Rose?’

    Peter Bate/Darlow Smithson/C4

Secret History 'Human Shield'

James Cutler/Aimimage/C4

Living Proof 'The Boy Who Lived With Monkeys' 

James Cutler/Aimimage/BBC1

Dispatches ‘The Trouble with Teeth’

Howard Bradburn/3BM/C4

Short Stories 'Paradise Blues'

Victoria Bridges/IBT/C4

Dispatches 'The Killer In Our Taps' 

Howard Bradburn/Aimimage/C4

Short Stories 'Boxing Babes'

Jackie Waldock/Aimimage/C4

Dinosaur Attack!

Chris Lent/Aimimage/United/C5/Discovery

Science of the Impossible

5 x 52 min science doc.

Chris Lent/MBC/Discovery

The Unusual Suspects

Jackie Waldock/BBC2

The Easy Riders

2 x 52 min adventure doc

Peter Higgins/Aimimage/Discovery


4 x 52 min archive docs

Chris Lent/Aimimage/Discovery

By Far

60 min. comedy drama with Vaz Blackwood


Hidden Empire'A Son of Africa'

historical drama doc

Aimimage/BBC 2

Birthrights 'Black Ink'



13 x 30 doc





5 min dama

Naomi Johnson/Sadik Ahmed

The Family Portrait

5 min. drama

Waris Islam/Atif Ghani/Aimimage
sponsored by O2 for cinema release

Horizon Revisited ‘A Tale of Two Feathers’

10 min.

Vivi Mellegard/BBC4

Singles Effect

5 min short

Jackie Waldock/BBC2

Music e.Motion

6 x 4 min short arts films.

Rosa Rogers/BBC2

You May Love It…

8 x 4 min short arts films

Jane Diblin/BBC2

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